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The Album

Featuring performances from more than 40 world-class musicians from around the globe, Momo’s debut album Loud Oasis was recorded in Morocco, New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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Music for Film & Television

  • MoMo Loudiyi’s Al Jewad is featured on Starz’ acclaimed TV Show Gravity .
  • MoMo’s guitar playing can be heard in the new documentary Hot Coffee, a Sundance Film Festival Official Selection.
  • MoMo’s blasting voice and his guitar accompanying “Yes” singer Jon Anderson highlight the film the Highest Pass.


One of MoMo’s main instruments is the Moroccan Sintir, used in Gnawa music to bring audiences into Trance. It’s made of Camel skin, and has 3 gut strings. The sound is low, Bassy, velvety and rhythmically intoxicating speaking directly to the soul.

Momo plays the Sintir

the Moroccan Sintir

MoMo also plays many other Moroccan instruments like Karkaba(metal castanets), Bendir(stringed frame drum), Loutar(4-string Berber lute), as well as African drumming on Djembe and Cajon.

But it’s really MoMo’s guitar playing that is unique, with strong Moroccan influences rooted in heavy Jazz. Rock, Brazilian and Flamenco.

Music is a celebration of Life, constantly changing and growing.

Music is freedom.

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