Momo Loudiyi

MoMo Loudiyi playing the sintirMomo Loudiyi is a world performing artist, producer and singer/songwriter whose musical versatility dissolves all boundaries of genre into a multi-dimensional celebration of life.

You will see him in concert, collaborating with internationally renowned musicians from Rock to Jazz, to conscious music, to Ethnic World music – West African to Persian, Ethiopian, Reggae and more. You’ll hear his sound landscapes in TV and film, and his magical, organic live music for yoga at workshops and retreats with the world’s leading yoga teachers.

But the real treat is seeing MoMo’s live show with his Moroccan World Pop Band, a soaring blend of uplifting Moroccan rhythms, entrancing melodies, and contemporary sonic layers. His exotic voice and delicate playing of the Moroccan Sintir that invokes his Ancestors is compelling, highly danceable and good medicine for body and soul.

Born in Casablanca into a Moroccan Sufi Musical Tradition, Momo Loudiyi moved to Europe to expand his musical range with intensive studies in jazz, rock, flamenco and composition. From early on, his musical ambitions led him to tour and collaborate with major artists in such venues as the Hollywood Bowl, UCLA Royce Hall, the Beacon Theater, New York Symphony Space, Le Lido and UNESCO.In 2008, his musical expansion brought him back full circle to the sacred Sufi Hamadcha brotherhood of Fes, Morocco. The outcome was the release of his unique and diverse debut album Loud Oasis, a colorful explosion of sounds from around the world and an introduction to some of his numerous forms of artistic expression. The recording unites a lifetime of musical influences in the unique world music fusion style of Moroccan Roll. Loud Oasis features more than 40 world-class musicians and is available at major online retailers including iTunes and Amazon, at and at

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