Loud Oasis

Called “superbly produced and performed” by Michael Mollura in LA YOGA Magazine, MoMo Loudiyi’s debut album Loud Oasis unites a lifetime of musical influences in the unique world music fusion style of Moroccan Roll. Loud Oasis was recorded throughout Morocco, in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and features more than 40 world-class musicians from around the globe.

Album Credits

Produced by MoMo Loudiyi.
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Blum at Titan Records.
Artwork & Design by Elana Kundell.
Original Artwork: Photos by Jorge Garcia, Suzie, Stephen & Elana Kundell and Noureddine el Warrari.
2nd Edition Artwork: Photos of MoMo by Carla Cummings
Music by MoMo Loudiyi
Lyrics by MoMo Loudiyi, except:
Diva, A Lilac & A Rose, Shining on Me: Lyrics by MoMo Loudiyi & Wendy Parr.
Miss Peace: Lyrics by MoMo Loudiyi & Elana Kundell
(c) Copyright 2009 (ASCAP).

MoMo Loudiyi: All guitars, Cajon, Bendir, Karkaba, Programming, Bass, Keys, Strings arrangement.
Hussain Jiffry: Bass, Fretless Bass
Karim Slaoui: Egyptian Dumbek, Kanun, Nakous, Programming.
Tarik Lahjayli: Accordeon, Piano, Programming.
Remi Kabaka: Talking Drums.
Yoshihisa Miyamoto: Programming.
Lilly Diamond: Finger Cymbals
Fabrice Martinez: Violin
Kirika: Violin
Said Sarout: Sintir

MoMo Loudiyi (Lead)
C.C. White
Jahnavi Harrison
Mohamed Reda
Jyoti Kirpalani
Soumaya Akaabounce
Izzy Zay
Lilly Diamond

Hamadcha Brotherhood of Fes:
Abderrahim Amrani: Vocals
Abdelatif Moujtahid: Lagual (Moroccan Clay Shoulder Drum).
Choir: Abderrahim Amrani, Abdelatif Moujtahid, Mastafa Achir, Rachid Jabar and Hasna.

L’Aarbi and Ahwache Tribe of Tiznit: Gangas, Taras, Karkaba, and Vocals.

Karim Slaoui
Tarik Lahjayli
Paul Tchounga
David Yawman
Keith Jones
Yoshihisa Miyamoto
Bryon Holley
MoMo Loudiyi

Special thanks and gratitude:

Aicha who left me peaceful blessings from my conception to the day she left her physical body.
Abbes Loudiyi, who’s always kept my room for me in Casablanca no matter how many years I’ve been away, and for dancing to my music. I love you Baba.
Amal for eternally challenging me with Love, and for always supporting me with my projects, you are a true sister!
Rajaa for your sweet spirit and heart-opening laugh, Malika for your artistic views, love, and support & Taoufik for always being there for me when I needed you, a true brother. Love to Hanaa, Aicha mon amour, and Shemsi.
Hlima my second mom, I love you “ila al Abad,” Love to Azouz. ‘Mi Zahra for your care, and Najat for your cooking, L’aarbi for your musical talent, and friendliness. Hamid Bennani, for your great sense of humor, art, love and support, Francoise for initiating me on piano. Leila & Christine for being my other sisters. Mehdi Idriss Bennani for taking the artistic legacy, and “mhabba” to new realms. Love to you, Sonia, and Yassine! Hicham, Hind, Sayaline Bennani, and Mr. Alami, you are shining. The boys, Reda and Camil, you Rock! Samir Bachouchi for your curiosity and your precious input. Lamia Hafiani, Karim, Neil and Adam, beautiful family.
The Kundells (Steve, Suzie, Elana) for allowing me to visualize this whole project in the serene piano room, and your constant support and love. Big kiss to Lula, Shelly, Jason, grandparents.
Mohamed Hafiani “Mimia” for opening the door to this project, for your sensitivity, intelligence, and for being my second brother.
Khalid & Hasna Attaoui for the historic ceremony and recording of Ahwache. You are like a breeze of spring
whispering in my imagination. with love to Nesma and Ines.
Malika and Mounir Belmaachi for the classy set of wheels during the recordings.
Meryem & Samia Bachouchi for brainstorming the CD title. “Les pidzouilletes,” I love you eternally.
Rania for my Good Luck gift (an extremely helpful orange cat). You are sunshine!
Ghali for opening up new views on animals, and for your contagious smile, and laugh.
Leila el Aoud for opening up your doors to nights of lyric writing, you are a true friend.
Mitchy for your love and Baraka, and for introducing me to Mohamed Reda & Wendy Parr. Thanks to both of you.
Christopher Hajji for inspiring me to play guitar as a teenager, for being supportive as a close voice throughout my life, and for lending your Taylor guitars for the recordings. Big kiss to Amber, and Salma.
Karen Erickson for being the Durga of my dreams and Isabel, for our musical connection.
A very special thanks to Elana for a genuine soul connection, who always believed in this project from the time
it was just an idea, who was in awe when it started to spring into sound, whose beautiful artwork
blossomed into this colorful world for our enjoyment. I love you!
Another special thanks to Abderrahim Amrani who welcomed me like a member of the family
when i got to Fes, Shookran Bezzaf.

Kamal, Jawad and Aziza Oudrhiri for your lifelong friendship. Love to the family Oudrhiri, Marisa and the whole crew of Fez, Queen of Cities. MACCLA. Hassan Hakmoun for brotherhood, inspiration, love and support. You are eternally in my heart. Cindy Camoli for joining the family with your “NY vocabulary”, Hassan Hajjaj & Riad Yima, Abdelghafour, Mourad Zaoui, Ali Alaoui for drumming our way to Casablanca, U-cef, Bob & Mates Studios, Celine Vlaminck, Benjelloun and Riad Lalla, Zaina Al Hasnaoui, Linda Goldman, Tom Delluca for the Martin Guitar.  Soumaya Akaaboune, the Oracle, for your sweetness and hospitality, Khadija, Jaz, Peter Rodger, Georgia, and Elliot, Tarik Hjayli for his musical contributions, Karim Slaoui for his genius musicality, Karim Saidi for your care as a brother, Mehdi, Malik and family Saidi, Kerry Topel, Nianna Bray, Lisa Jones, Marie Chantal Guillemain, Janelle, Debbie Cahill, Mick Linden, Mona Roukach, Martha Woodhull, Treysii Zamorano, Eugene from Agape, Ron Dibuccio, Dennis Poncher for BILY (Because I Love You organization), and Billie, Daouia Amrir for your soul connection, love and friendship, Govindas and Radha for your great intention in creating BYS, Dj Delphinus & the Dark Room, for your friendship, Kismet Salem for your glowing smile, Terra Gold for your light spirit and partnership in many kirtans, Eden Goldman for supporting us, Psalm Isadora for your beautiful, enlightened spirit, Patrick Richey, Marla Leigh, Hans Christian, Jessica Sokolove, Shannon Michael Terry, Dahveed Haribol Das my soul brother, your face lights up when we play music, Kim Moise, Joelle Claret, Soosan Suryawan, Alicia for your heavenly salads, Maribel, “MC”, Raul, James Graca, Arlene Bogna, Ricky Vodka, Suheila Muammar, Juan Cervantes, Antoine and Anael Bonsorte, Richard Horowitz, Susan Deyhim, Gingger Shankar, Jacqueline Fuentes, Liz Gordon and Eric, Jacqueline Clemons, Youssef Fakhouri, Guy, Christelle Laffin, Pascal Duvernay, Danielle Ezra, Remi Jourdan, Valerie Dufix, Monica Dusi and Dany, Leah Solomon, Souheyla Meniri, Ombretta Capecchi, Hope, Alyson & Moose Ali-Kahn for your tremendous support and smiles. Pamela Dickerson for your genuine perceptions and for bringing people together, Robert Devico, Wendy Kay, Jamie Papish, Michael Blum & Titan Records, Noureddine el Warari my Moroccan neighbor and talented photographer, Ora Abel Russell for touching my heart and believing in me, and Doug, Krishna Madappa, Laia Carrera & Juan Segui for lifting me up when I was down, Ibti & Charles Parent for driving me away when I was grieving, Fiona Coe, Philippe Mignon, Kamal & Lotfi Benaddi, Hamid Boudali, Salem Benabdeljlil, Halima Boughoufala & Tristan for your genuine friendship, Shankar Hemmady for the cosmic connection, Riz Mirza, my new friend, Jawad Bisbis, Shemsi Filali, Gotfried Neumeister, Youssef Bennani for your lifelong friendship and love.
Mehdi, Meryem, Fatem Zehra Loudiyi. Salima, Youssef, Amine and Camil Bouri. Belmaachi Taibi, Malika, Karim, Souad, Wafa, Said Rkaibi, Hakim, Rita, and all the children. Boutaleb Hassan, Souad, Jihane, Hanaa, and Haddou. Nawal, Hamza, Smail & Haj Hachem Hafiani. Mouhcine, Abdeltif, Fatima, Siham, and Fadel Mghafri. Youssef Attari, Patricia, and the princesses. Naima, Simo, Houda, and Zina Hajji. Nourredine, Nadia, Naim, Nawal & Jamal Mghafri. Said & Ali Sefiani, Simo Ouhsain, Amal Atrache, Andre Azoulay.
Karima Skalli for her deep insight on Sufism. Cyrus, Steve Gold, and Anne-Emilie, Matt Pszonak and Janet Marley-Mauzy, Jasmina Hdagha and Billy Zane, Lisa Zane, Shiva Rae, Saul David Raye, Andrew Zenoff and thebhaktibar.com, Jai Uttal, Susanna Whitmore, Micheline Berry, Philippo Franchini, Simon Edery, Angelique, She She, Ken Ross, Bob Scullion, Bob Wisdom, Bobby Klein, Camilla Davenport, Shanti Correa, Jacqui Lalita, Sophie Holt, Carmen Rizzo, Cecily Miller, Sarah Garney, Dave Trau, David Watts, Dave Rosenthal, Nissim Mallul, Fantuzzi Tuzi, Ira Nepus, Kate McCallum, Soula Saad, Kit Thomas, Jyoti Kirpalani, Mounir Sefrioui, Matt Hufschmidt, Cristo Pelani, Rasa, Gaura, Jahnavi, Vrinda, Kush & Vish, Sein Michael & family, Tara Hunnewell, Tatiana & John Thompson, Adam Yasmin, Fernando del Sol, Sunnevil Caput, Wynne Paris, Kimberly Kay and Heather Bushman.

And thank you to all the musicians, singers, engineers and talented angels who contributed their good spirit and baraka to this labor of LOVE.

Also, the Dalai Lama, all the giraffes, hippos, plants, and rocks around the world. Farmers’ markets, Water, the galaxies and the Big Bang for bursting trillions of years ago. And the quinoa!! And of course those big corporations who set the bar so high on Greed that even the bailout plan can’t keep up. You go, guys!
And all those who I forgot to mention; it’s 6 am, and we’re going to print in few hours. Love to you!!! Yes, you!

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